Adillatul Ahkam Al Muttafaq Alaih Fi Al-Ihtijaji Biha:Dalil-Dalil/Sumber Hukum Yang Disepakati Para Ulama

  • Ahmad Zainur Rofiq STIT Jembrana Bali


The words "Sources of Islamic Law" are a translation of the lafazh
Masâdir al Ahkâm. These words are not found in books of Islamic
law written by classical fiqh and ushul fiqh scholars. To explain
the meaning of the sources of Islamic law, they use al-dillah alShariyyah. The use of mashâdir al-Ahkâm by scholars at this time,
of course, what is meant is the same meaning as the term alAdillah al-Syar'iyyah. And what Masâdir al-Ahkâm meant were the
postulates of syara' law taken (instead of) from him to find the law.
Sources of law in Islam, some are agreed upon (muttafaq) by the
scholars and some are still disputed (mukhtalaf). The sources of
Islamic law agreed upon by the majority of scholars (the majority
of Ulama) are the Qur'an, Hadith, Ijma' and Qiyas.
Keyword: Sources of Islamic Law, Masadir al ahkam, al-Adillah
as-Syar’iyyah, Islamic law.